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Infographic: The World's Top 20 Billionaires (2015)

The Story Worth $900 Billions

Category: Economy, Business    Date: 20.05.2015. (v. 2015)      Keywords: billionaires, business, richest   //   Back to Infographics

Basic information:

There are 1,826 billionaires in the world with an aggregate net worth of $7.05 trillion. They represent only 0.000025% of the world population but have wealth as the 65% of the poorest adults.

This infographic shows “Crème de la crème” - the very top of the 20 richest people in the World - their net worth, demographic stats and how they utilize their wealth for public good.

The main goal of this infographic is to raise the public awareness about donating and giving to charity organizations and thus helping millions of people in need.

See whole infographic (small and big image):

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